olive-oil-production-lineFeatures of olive oil press production line suppliers 

(1) Simple structure, easy to operate 

(2) High oil press rate.

(3) Easy to load, unload and transport.




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Olive Oil Production Line:

1. Filtration: The purpose of this step is to remove the granular impurities in Olive oil.

2. Degumming: Pumping crude oil into oil refining tank, stirring quickly, and simultaneously heating by steam or heat-transfer oil(in coiled heater). Then add some hot water. You should control the water amount, temperature and water adding speed. If phospholipid lasts long suspended in oil, which is hard to gather to make flocculent precipitate. We can rise up the speed of adding water, conversely slow down. At the meanwhile, adding alkali to remove the FFA. For the batch type and semi-continuous type refinery, they will adopt precipitation separation method, continuous refineries will adopt centrifuge separation method.

3. Decolorization: Inhale definite amount of decoloring agent(floridin or acticarbon)into the oil, continuously stirring and heating for 25min. After that, pump the mixture of oil and floridin into filter to separate oil and floridin.

4. Deodorization: Pump and heat decolorized oil, when oil temperature reaches above100℃, injecting the direct steam to take the odors away. We can get refined Olive oil, which is edible at this step.

5. Fractionation: This is very important process in Olive oil refining, But before this step, we have get edible Olive oil, in another word, if not for special usage, this step could be cancled in Olive Oil Production Line.


        The advantage of Olive Oil Production Line is to get more oil from the cottonseed. When extracting the oil by solvent, the oil residues will be less than 1%. There are four main parts in the cottonseed oil solvent extraction line.

a. Mixing oil with solvent. After going to the solvent extractor, miscella and cake with solvent are got.

b. Separating the solvent from the cake, then the cake is got. The cake can be used as animal feed.

c. The crude cottonseed is separated from the miscella. The crude oil goes to the refinery section.

d. The solvent will be recycled to the condernsers.